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Visitors notice

Visitors notice -  FAQs.

We welcome people who view the kittens and this page is aimed to address many questions we have had from visitors. It is intended to be a polite notice to ensure the health of our cats is maintained and is on the advice of our vet. Please remember this is our hobby and any kittens are raised around family life, cat showing and caring for all our pets. Breeding is just a product of our hobby.

In order to keep our kittens as healthy as possible our kittens are able to be viewed from 10 weeks of age after they have had their second vaccination. On occasions kittens may be viewed in their basket before this age but they cannot be handled.

You may reserve your kitten before this date as we are not able to hold kittens due to a number of people changing their minds and not informing us. A deposit is required to hold your kitten. Deposits are not refundable unless we are unable to provide you with the kitten or a replacement within a reasonable time. A kitten will not be classed as reserved until a deposit is received. If payment does not clear the kitten will be made available to the next person on the waiting list. I reserve the right to refuse sale with no explanation. We are not a business and therefore do not have credit facilities.

Please do not visit another cattery or view other cats on the same day as you visit us as this oftens results in infection being spread. If you have visited other cats the day before please wear new clean clothing as well. If you have your own cats please wear clean clothes to minimise infection.

Please do not be offended as we will always ask you to wash you hands with hand wash PRIOR to touching any cats or kittens to reduce the risks of infection and remove your shoes on coming into our home.

We do not have opening hours as this is our home. It is a family hobby and visits to kittens are done around other household jobs. Therefore if you change your mind and do not wish to make your planned visit please phone or text us so that we can carry on with other family things. Please ring us if you plan to arrive more than ten minutes early as the dogs will not be too happy and need to be moved.

If you would like to arrange a visit to see the kittens and do not wish to purchase one, please advise us as we do have many visitors who appear to choose to visit us as opposed to other family activities. Always make sure you have discussed a new addition with all members of your family and that your personal circumstances are right before making an enquiry or asking to visit. If you wish to see the breed and study their colours, we would recommend that you visit a local cat show so that you may chat to breeders and learn about the breed. Local cat shows may be found on the GCCF and TICA web sites. See the links page for contacts:
Our Links Or please visit at times when we have no kittens. 

If you plan to bring your family to view a kitten please do ask us before arriving. A large group of people can be quite frightening for a young kitten and in-laws can always see the kitten when he/she moves to your new home.

All kittens sold for pets will now be neutered before leaving Migatobonito. This is a decision we have had to take due to people breeding from cats bought from us without prior permission. Only the best cats are sold for breeding and the breeding ethics of the GCCF and TICA must be followed. You may pay extra for a breeding cat to have the legal right to breed and the cat is placed upon the breeding register as opposed to the non active register. If you wish to breed please let me know as soon as possible so that we may decide whether your intentions will suit our breeding program. I am happy to support people but usually you must be a member of a breed cat club or an established breeder.

Why do you pay more for a registered kitten than a kitten sold with no papers? Many pedigree kittens are sold on the non active non breeding register for a genuine reason. If you then go on to breed from that cat you will be breaking any contract/agreement that you have signed, of which is subject to legal challenge. Any litters sold from that cat will not be able to be legally registered. Migatobonito breeding cats are all registered on the breeding register and are all fully health checked regularly by our vet. Health tests are carried out to ensure that only healthy stock are bred from. See individual cats for details of health tests. All certificates are available to be viewed when you visit. A 'back street' breeder will not be able to show you these documents and although they claim the kittens to be pedigree with no registration papers, a cat is only pedigree if it is sold with registration papers. (Often papers may be withheld until proof of neutering is produced.) Kittens must always be fully vaccinated and be at least 13 weeks old before they leave the breeder. Kittens sold before this date are in breach of TICA and GCCF rules and regulations and more importantly not sold in the best interests of the kittens.

If you are worried you may be allergic to cats, please advise when contacting us. We do not have visits to see if you are allergic as we have a number of cats and this would be an inaccurate trial. We suggest that a sample of cat fur is sent to you in a sealed envelope and you sleep with this for a week. There is a no charge for this so long as you provide the stamp!

Children are welcome however from experience children under eight need supervision and will be asked to sit quietly with the kittens on the floor and not to cart kitties around. This is for the health and safety of the kittens who can fall and injury themselves from a height.

Can I buy a kitten as a birthday or Xmas surprise? Kittens do not stay small kittens for ever and a fully grown maine coon can be a huge addition to anyones household. It is always better to discuss this with someone before going out to buy a kitten as a gift. We dont usually allow kittens to go Xmas week but happy to provide photos around this time. Once all the festivities have passed you may collect your kitten.

We look forward to meeting new owners and getting to know you and we are here during your kittens life for advice and support. However this is a family hobby and all cat cleaning and looking after kittens will be done within family life. We therefore will not answer cat related calls before 9am and after 9pm as we reserve these times for family. Thank you for taking the time to read this before your visit.