Migatobonito PP Avalanche

Colour Blue Eyed White 
Polydactyl Maine Coon 4WD

Sire:  Dynamicats Snow Drifts
Dam: Firedevils Gina P Wild
HCM Negative
SMA Negative

Breeder Maria Bryant

Known as Snowy and has full hearing.

img_9455Age 8 weeks


Age 6 months
with her sister Frosty

TRIOsizeThe three sisters


May 2012


Snowy (left) and img_2087her sister Frosty
May 2012 (below)


Sadly the breeder who took Anastasia failed ethically and rehomed her without being neutered. A group of Maine coon people on facebook raised funds to return her to her home. Tasha as she is known has returned to be with her sister and her mother and if now fully health checked and living her retirment as she shoudl have done. 

Anyone who breeds knows that ethically you shoudl n ot rehome a retired breeding cat without neutering and informing the breeder. You can follow Tasha story on facebook.