KittyAngel Holiday Checklist-Migatobonito

KittyAngel Holiday Checklist

KittyAngels guidance to having a good holiday.

Dont forget to check the following BEFORE you arrive at the resort.
  1. Bring a suitable cat carrier to transport your kitty
  2. Ensure you have signed the boarding terms and conditions 
  3. Make sure that a UK emergency contact number is provided to the KittyAngel and is on the terms and conditions form
  4. If you cat needs medication giving then please bring it with you and clear instructions
  5. If your cat is on any prescribed food or special food, please bring enough for the duration of your stay
  6. Dont forget that you have indicated a time to check in and if you dont make this time i may not be available as i may be helping other guests. Try to stick to the agreed time. If you are unfortunately going to be late please do ring or text message and not facebook message so that i am aware. 
  7. Bring your cats vaccinations card
  8. Make sure you have took your cat to the vet for flea and worming treatment and this is in the last 3/4 weeks. You need to let KittyAngel know the date and brand used. 
  9. If you prefer to bring a blanket or item of clothing dont forget this. 
  10. Finally, relax and leave the worry to the kittyangel as your kitty is off to their own sunny resort to be pampered and have afterPurrnoon tea.