Kitten owners

Welcome to the information for new kitten owners.

Prepare for your midget monsters arrival by Maine coon proofing your house, move wires, block off holes and get used to putting the toilet seat down. Get yourself a fly screen if your door opens onto the main road as they wont think twice to rush out to meet visitors.

Some advice below for you to print out before your kitten arrives because once he/she arrives you wont be reading anything!  With the summer coming do think about how you will cat proof your garden. If you look on the Internet there are many people who have used cat proof fencing others cover a large area of the garden in animal proof netting so that they can get fresh air. Or put a cat run on the back of the house.



toxic_plant_info.doc  Plant_Info_FAB.doc




All litter advice:  
Please ask me to send you our kitten advice leaflet before collecting your new kitty.

Please before you buy food check with us the type of food we are using as this varies with each litter.
Usually it is Royal canin kitten 36 and a raw food diet.

All kittens are used to Fresh News litter from or 01903 876310 Fresh_News_Litter.doc
or Breeder Celect available from Pets at home or on line via

Food can be ordered locally from Steve at North West Pets or 01253 766011. Delivery service avilable across the North West, Wales and North East. Steve is  stocking Maine Coon kitten 36 biscuits. Discount for £15 or more orders. and Amazon also stock Royal Canin maine coon kitten biscuits now

The Maine Coon cat scratching posts we use are from We can only recommend these posts. If you quote Migatobonito cattery name you will be well looked after. They may be more expensive but from experience maine coons love to climb so well worth the investment. Start small with a base that you can add to. I have eight of these posts now and would never purchase any other post or bed.
Do ring Sam at Tigga Towers as she will look after kitten owners for me or ask me for current offers.
You will receive a Tigga Tower kitten pack from us on reserving your kitten allowing a 10% discount of your purchase.

***This information will be updated from time to time to suit the feeding requirements of the litter we are rearing**

Click to see Jaimes after his bath!