in 2014 Migatobonito cats took part in some filming with Royal Canin which formed many of the scenes in the new Catwyse programme.

Catwyse was born in June 2014 with the aim of promoting responsible and respectful cat ownership. The programme shares the knowledge of a panel of like-minded experts to inform, educate and inspire cat owners.

We believe that by truly understanding the catís characteristics and needs, owners can do the very best for their cats and enjoy their feline friends even more Ė happy cats and happy owners!

Catwyse is open to all cat owners, whether your cat is young or old, pedigree or crossbreed; whether youíve had cats for years or you donít even have one yet!

Catwyse is non-competitive and the emphasis is placed on celebrating your achievement. There are 3 levels of awards Ė Bronze, Silver and Gold

Its free to join and simple to use. 

See how many Migatobonito cats you can spot.

Most modules have our maine coons in but Tinie and the gang mainly appear in the behavioural module with Sarah.