Adult cats


Human Slaves REQUIRED!

Unfortunately we only have limited space so occasional, we have
adult neutered cats available to forever homes where they can live out their long retirement with a human slave! 

All of our cats are kept as family pets.  

As responsible breeders, we continually strive to improve the quality of the breed.  Because of this we are  constantly adding to our family of breeding cats. As new bloodlines are brought into our breeding program some of our cats, having made their valuable contribution to the development of our lines, are retired.  These cats are very special to us and we look for extra special forever homes for them. They are available for and are all beautiful examples of the breed. On occasions they are not suited to breeding.

If you feel you could offer a permanent home to an older cat please contact us for further information.

**All cats are microchipped, vaccinated and will be neutered before leaving for their forever home. There is a charge for an adult cat 250 (if bred here) or 425 if an imported cat which includes the neutering operation and microchip** Do not enquire to use for breeding as this is not possible.The prices have had to rise as most of our retired cats are imports costing over 2000 and vet prices have risen. 

Enquiries welcome.

Please give us a ring to discuss what sort of home you can offer. 
07921778599 or
Contact Us before 9pm please.
08 October 2017
Paddie is now neutered. 
Happy with children young or old, busy homes or quiet. Email me -